How it started

Our neighbourhood

The Bryanston River Club Community Forum (BRCF) started after the community (encompasing the area between Ballyclare, Coleraine and Bryanston Drives and the Braamfontein Spruit) voted for a sustainable and effective security solution for the neighbourhood. The committee consists of volunteers and is a non profit registered company.

Bryanston River Club Community Forum NPC (2015/110329/08)



To make the BRCF and surrounding areas the safest and cleanest in northern Johannesburg by:


Offering a security solution that benefits residents in the BRCF and neighboring areas


Maintaining our security infrastructure and building towards a long term goal of securing the broader suburb and neighboring suburbs


Encouraging the use of our green spaces and parks by providing clean and maintained public spaces


Bring our community and local businesses together through community-focused activities



Poplar park, our park (adopted and transformed by the BRCF) is “gold standard”  and flanked by an active community lifestyle focused center

Featured Event

Christmas Carols in the Park




News & Projects

We are constantly looking at new ways to improve our neighbourhood to make it both a more secure and enjoyable place to live.  

For the community by the community

Street  Groups

One of our strengths is the closeness of the community, facilitated through a well coordinated Suburb WhatsApp Group system.

Each street in the suburb has a WhatsApp group, with a ‘street representative’ managing he group. All street representatives are members of a suburb wide group which BRCF uses to disseminate messages about security, service delivery issues as well as major initiatives.

If you live or own a business in the area, please sign up to the WhatsApp groups.

Be informed. Be involved!

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