Spruit Day 2016 – A Huge Success



Spruit Day 2016 was a massive success!

With a 192 volunteers arriving for the day, we were absolutely blown away by the support. Thanks to everyone who made the time to join us for 2 hours on the day to make a difference in your community.

We also received significant sponsorships this year which really makes me realize how amazing some of our local businesses and residents are. Here is a listing of the sponsorships received:

  • Danilo’s Ristorante Italiano – Our own little piece of Italy, donated the gum-poles we used to repair the missing/rotten bollards and also supplied R50 vouchers to those attending Spruit Day. They continue to support the community through supplying cement to help us plant and reinstate the cable barriers between the road and the spruit.
  • Pam GoldingSupplied water on the day, co-sponsored BRCF banners to help us mark where the event was being held, and also did a flyer drop after the event.
  • The Spruit Day Team – Supplied us with shovels, trees and gardening equipment to use on the day. See also the greater list of sponsors they organised who supplied all these items (including plastic bags)
  • A Farm st resident – supplied us with industrial grade plastic bags
  • Sea Sheppard – Had a stand and provided water bottels for the day. (some more info on them later on)

What did we do?

  • We did a litter cleanup of the spruit (a massive effort and significant impact made)
  • We planted 13 trees around the Belgrave bridge
  • We replaced around 20 missing/broken/rotten bollards
  • We supported the BECF – some volunteers went to assist them building an outdoor gym outside the riverside shopping centre

So what is next? 

For those who want to contribute more frequently in terms of cleaning up, please visit our Clean Spruit page.

Given the success of this year’s event, we are planning to go much bigger next year. But many have asked if more cannot be done, more frequently. For those, please go to the link above and add your name or support the initiative financially. We have a lot in the pipe-line, but need your support. Watch this space!

Some pictures of the day:

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