Crime Stats – Update

Crime Stats – Update – As at October 2016

Below are our latest crime stats.

Update as at October 2016

Update as at October 2016

Contact Crimes are defined as serious crimes where victims come into contact with the criminals. These incidents are a priority and focus for CAP to reduce and eliminate in an area, and usually provide a much richer source of information for CAP to act on (i.e. there are witnesses, details of suspects available, exact time of day, etc.)

Soft Crimes are defined as those in which the victims of the crime discover that something has happened, usually after the fact Рe.g. burglaries, thefts, damage to property, etc.

For the¬†sake of comparison we’ve excluded the BRCF Ext 1 area which joined in March 2016 as this skews the results. Unfortunately, unlike the original BRCF area where we had detailed stats before signing up with CAP, we do not have comparative information about the BRCF Ext.1 area.

Below the level of crime incidents in the Ext.1 Area is shown.


For the BRCF Ext.1 area, we have only observed soft crimes which primarily consisted of cable theft along the river. In May a major arrest was done on a gang suspected of being involved in cable theft, and the effects can be seen above. August and September have seen an increase in trespassing and attempted burglaries.

As we approach the festive season, its important that the pressure on the public space is maintained to ensure criminals know they cannot operate freely in the suburb.

CAP’s rule is: If you see two or more men, on foot or in a car, call it in!

Try it out: 0861 227 227

This service benefit everyone, and is available to anyone (not only CAP clients). Make a difference in your suburb, and call it in!

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