Belgrave Bridge Closure Update – 20 October 2016

Belgrave Bridge Closure Update – 20 October 2016


Just a quick update on the progress made so far.

Representatives from the BRCF have held three meetings with JRA and Councillor Vincent Earp over the past two weeks.

These discussions, site inspections and review of consultants report has concluded that:

  • Bridge structure is not unsafe – remedial work is required but there is NO imminent danger of collapse
  • Consensus between us, Councillor Earp and JRA engineers is that the bridge should be opened immediately and only closed for approximately two weeks when remedial work takes place
  • This requires a decision at Senior JRA level – we need to counter negative media reporting which appears to be the real instigator for this sudden closure
  • Remedial work will include: patch minor scouring, rehabilitate the banks, lay gabions and de-silt the upstream side
  • Road safety work will include: improved signage, white lines and possible lighting or gate for emergency closure during flooding

We will keep you posted!

13 thoughts on “Belgrave Bridge Closure Update – 20 October 2016

  1. What a pity. So much better and safer with the bridge closed. I do not support it being reopened to allow the rest of the northern suburbs to drive through the suburb. I bet the people who want the bridge open want to use it as a through road when it was not built for that volume of traffic.

  2. I agree with Marie-Louise… so much more peaceful and quieter without the cars traveling through our suburb at sometimes breakneck speed… safer for runners, dog walkers and the like

  3. Would rather see the bridge remain closed. So much safer for our children now that it is closed. Going to return to being a race track I fear. If going to re-open we need to look at other measures to slow down traffic.

  4. Councillor Earp says he has had interest in getting this bridge up and running from area up to North Gate.

    While it’s obviously ideal for residents around the bridge to have less traffic, the city can’t really afford the impact on traffic to keep it closed.

  5. Maybe they should fix it before reopening. How can it be closed and then reopened so quickly? There is something fishy….
    As for the concerned locals, well your hood is still on public roads,everybody is allowed to use them… But i agree that there is silly overspeeding in the area.

  6. I am in favour of keeping the bridge open. The bridge was closed against advice of JRA technical staff It was political response to Sandton Chronicle This highlights the disagreement within the community about the bridge. In the long run the bridge will be widened to cope with increase of traffic it is inevitable. What I believe we should do is support the maintenance of this single Lane bridge It is excellent traffic calming and we should combine our efforts and build consensus on traffic calming and work with JRA
    The guys I have met are very nice and sensible so we can work with them to calm traffic. If we fight about whether the bridge should be open we will miss the opportunity to work together to calm traffic on our area and delay the two lanes bridge as long as possible. There are some very simple things they can do now to make the bridge much safer Matt

  7. I often used that bridge. The narrowness of the roads combined with sharp angles means that there is very little speeding in the area. If residents are truly concerned they should campaign for speed bumps. The widening of the bridge is however, sorely needed due to lengthy delays on Bryanston drive and Ballyclare roads in the mornings and evenings.

  8. A couple of observations from my side.
    1) Speeding in the area – this is not conjecture it is a fact which I witness each work day with regard to the ‘home-going’ traffic.
    2) I am not convinced that the traffic coming over the bridge does alleviate the problems on Bryanston Drive and/or Ballyclare due to the need for the majority of such traffic needing to merge back into the traffic on those routes.

  9. The bottlenecks in urban traffic management are the junctions and the behaviour of drivers in traffic and not just the number of roads (bridges in our case) When Belgrave Bridge is open there is less of a bottle neck at other junctions – Brooke/ Bryanston Drive, the roundabout and St Audley/ Ballyclare. I was a Highways design engineer in London and I designed and modelled junctions including roundabouts and traffic lights. My appeal to everyone is that we work together to introduce as much traffic calming as we can and we do this best by focussing on what we agree on and not what we disagree on.

  10. Please reopen the bridge. I live three houses away from it and use it twice a day and three times a week four times a day. And now each trip I make takes me twice as long.
    Please bear in mind that those unfortunate people who have fallen off the bridge are in the vast minority.
    Please open the bridge !!

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