Belgrave Bridge Closure Update – 20 October 2016

Belgrave Bridge Closure Update – 20 October 2016


Just a quick update on the progress made so far.

Representatives from the BRCF have held three meetings with JRA and Councillor Vincent Earp over the past two weeks.

These discussions, site inspections and review of consultants report has concluded that:

  • Bridge structure is not unsafe – remedial work is required but there is NO imminent danger of collapse
  • Consensus between us, Councillor Earp and JRA engineers is that the bridge should be opened immediately and only closed for approximately two weeks when remedial work takes place
  • This requires a decision at Senior JRA level – we need to counter negative media reporting which appears to be the real instigator for this sudden closure
  • Remedial work will include: patch minor scouring, rehabilitate the banks, lay gabions and de-silt the upstream side
  • Road safety work will include: improved signage, white lines and possible lighting or gate for emergency closure during flooding

We will keep you posted!

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