Suburb Whatsapp Groups

Suburb Whatsapp Groups

A key part and core of our close-knit community, are the suburb Whatsapp groups.

Each street in the suburb has a whatsapp group, with a ‘street representative’ managing the group. All Street Representatives are members of a suburb wide group which is BRCF uses to disseminate messages about security, service delivery issues as well as major initiatives such as Clean Spruit and the CCTV project. Messages from other important community groups are also passed on, including the Community Policing Forum, Eblockwatch and our Ward Councillor.

The Whatsapp groups are a vital part of our community communication. If you are not on at least the street groups, please send an email with the street in which you reside to to be added to your street’s whatsapp group.

Be informed. Be involved!

5 thoughts on “Suburb Whatsapp Groups

  1. If you live to the West of the River please add yourself – we have only just over 50% of our residents on What’s App

  2. Good day.
    I am looking for a furnished townhouse to rent from 1 March. How do I join the group.
    My little boy will be going to Santon primary
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Kim
      I have a two bed two bath unit available on east pont road if you are still looking for something.
      Barry Cribb 084 876 2891

  3. Hi there

    We would very much like to be a part of the community. We have recently opened a small Strength and Conditioning Gym in Riverclub shopping Centre called Performance Purist as well as Riverclub Sports Massage Therapy. We are so excited to involve the community in what we’re doing as well as if there is anything that community members would like us to add in terms of training ie ladies classes, cycling strength programs etc.

    The Sports Massage Therapy is also there to service the community.

    Drop in anytim or send us an email: or or 0824433287.

    Kind regards

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