CAP News Flash – Crime Pattern Change

Crime Update for Bryanston CAP Area Extension 1

CAP would like to advise Bryanston residents, with specific concern, a recent shift in crime patterns in relation to reconnoitered home invasions within the area.

What is a reconnoitered crime?
A reconnoitered crime is when criminals have an understanding as to the layout and routine of the home that they are targeting. With this information, criminals are able to carry out the crime at the optimal time based on the information they have collected. This information in most cases is fed to the criminals via an employee that has access to the property. In some instances, criminals also obtain this information from contractors working in the area. 

There have been 3 home invasions that have occurred within the last 21 days.

Incident 1 – Home Invasion, Grosvenor Road 12:25pm
On Thursday the 1st of December, 3 suspects gained entry into the premises with a key to the pedestrian gate. The suspects tied up the home owner and domestic. The gardener, who was hiding in the garden, immediately called the home owners wife and she alerted their armed response service provider. The armed response provider arrived on scene and confronted the suspects, apprehending one. The other two suspects unfortunately got away.

Incident 2 – Home Invasion, Devonshire Avenue, 4:30am
On Saturday, the 10th of December, two suspects gained entry into the premises through a hole in the next door neighbours wall. This would not be identifiable to anyone on the street. The suspects forced open the burglar bars of the cottage and gained entry while the victim was sleeping. The suspects woke the victim, tied his hands and stole valuables. It is important to note that this premises has a building site 2 houses away.

Incident 3 – Home Invasion, Devonshire Avenue, 3.30am
On Sunday, the 18th of December, three suspects gained entry into the premises by breaking a window. The suspects demanded cash from the victim and when he refused they assaulted him. The suspects fled with the victim’s money as well as various valuables. One of the suspects in this incident was positively identified as an electrician that had been at the house a few days prior.

What is CAP doing?

  • The Central Intervention Unit (CIU) has been deployed into the environment. The CIU is a specialised and highly trained unit within CAP that is deployed on disruption operations at key hot spots based on our predictive intelligence model. 
  • Sporadic shake up operations will be conducted, such as flash raids and an increase in engagement with people working or living within the area.
  • Building sites that have been identified will be raided where possible.

What we need from you


  • Please let CAP know of any vacant properties and building sites. We will then conduct a security raid, with permission of the property owner.
  • Vet all staff. CAP can conduct all pre-employment checks to ensure that your employees are trustworthy and without a criminal record. Call us on 0860 332 332 to find out more.
  • If you hire any new staff (domestic workers, gardeners and contractors) it is crucial that you vet them immediately. It is advisable to vet existing staff too.
  • In the event that you have a contractor coming to your premises, whether it be a plumber, electrician or pool service, call our control room on 0861 227 227 so that we can conduct additional patrols.

Physical Security

  • Ensure your home is secure. The outer wall to your property should be sturdy and secure.
  • Electric fencing is the best form of fencing and should be installed around your full perimeter wall. It is advisable to link your electric fence to your alarm system and ensure it has an audible siren. 
  • Please ensure that your alarm is activated throughout the day – even while you are home.
  • Conduct regular alarm testing. Call CAP to inform us that you will be testing your alarm and panic buttons.
  • Keep panic buttons in easy-to-reach places, or purchase portable panic buttons to keep with you. Call us on 0860 332 332 to learn more.
  • Remotes and keys should be kept in a safe location at all times.


  • Please call in anything that makes you look twice. CAP relies on your calls.
  • You are never wasting our time. Our officers are ready and waiting to investigate your concerns. Call in any unknown men on foot or in a vehicle to 0861 227 227. You do not need to be a CAP customer to do this!

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