CAP Urgent Notification – Contact Crime Spike in Our Surrounding Area

CAP has notified the BRCF of a rapid increase in violent / contact crime on our periphery during the last week. While we had only 1 incident (Wilton rd) in the current operational area, CAP has been tracking and debriefing 8 other incidents on our immediate borders in the last 7 days.

While CAP is still collecting and analyzing the information collected by the debriefing teams, CAP IS BUSY DOING the following:

> Deploying additional resources into the suburb (vehicles/spotters) during peak crime exposure periods.
> Arranging additional SAPS resources and interventions (road blocks, joint patrolling with CAP supporting the SAPS in terms of man power)

Once all debriefs have been performed and data has been analyzed CAP will be in a better position to update the operational plan for the suburb, as well as inform residents of any emerging trends/lookouts.

What can YOU DO?

> Call in ANYTHING suspicious – no matter if you are a CAP client or not (CAP ICCC: 0861 227 227)
> BE ALERT when arriving home – if an unknown car is close to you, or unknown individuals are close to your gate, rather call CAP to meet you at your home (non CAP clients are welcome to request this – same number)
> Ensure your perimeter is secure – ask CAP or any security provider to inspect your perimeter for advice

The incidents have been performed by a variety of vehicles, at different times of the day, with different numbers of attackers (always 2 or more men). Type of incidents include home invasions, drive way robberies, shopping centre robberies – hence no clear pattern at this stage.

While our CAP area has had very little violent crime over the last 6 months, we need to make sure we do not become complacent or become soft targets for criminals.

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