CAP Update: R50 000 Reward for information on Suspect

See full communication from CAP here – includes pictures for reference.

CAP would like to notify residents about a suspect who has been linked to multiple incidents across Johannesburg.

The suspect, who is known to CAP, carries out reconnoitered home invasions. Prior to carrying out the crime, suspects may coerce a staff member, for example, to provide them with information on a home or gather information by approaching staff members in a casual manner, obtaining information from them indirectly and without the staff member’s understanding that they intend to use this information to carry out a crime.

The suspect generally uses adjacent properties with relatively low physical security to gain entry into the premises that he intends on targeting. A warrant for his arrest has been issued. CAP and the SAPS will continue to work tirelessly to locate the suspect. A picture of the suspect is included below.

CAP is offering a reward of up to R50 000 for information that leads to the arrest and successful conviction of this known criminal. We urge anyone who can provide information to call us on 076 584 4784, we will treat all information with the utmost confidentiality.

With the above information in mind, CAP would like to recommend the following immediate actions to be carried out:

  • Any person, staff, security, contractors etc who have access to your home should be vetted. Please get in touch with us to find out more about this by emailing
  • Staff must avoid divulging any information about the routine of the house or possessions of the homeowner to anyone, even those whom they know.
  • In the event that staff suspect they may be the victims of information gathering, they should immediately alert CAP on 0861 227 227 or by sending a please call me to CAP’s Emergency Control Room on 082 366 1852.

In addition to the above, residents are urged to ensure that they harden their properties against potential intruders. Generally, the following principles should be applied:

  • Ensure the entire perimeter of your home has adequate physical barriers (electric fence) coupled with technology and is armed on a continuous basis. Ensure foliage etc is removed to avoid false triggers.
  • Beams and other technology are installed in the garden and areas around your home. These should be armed not only when you are asleep but even when just inside your home.
  • Ensure your gate is hardened to avoid it being opened and or lifted

Residents can contact CAP’s Technical Department on 0860 332 332  to arrange an obligatory free assessment and upgrade to your existing solution.



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