Spruit Day 2017 – Another huge success!

We blink our eyes and 2 weeks have passed since we had Spruit Day 2017.

Every year we participate in the larger Spruit Day Initiative which is run across Johannesburg. On 16 September, the residents of the Bryanston River Club Community Forum (and those from the surrounds) met at the Belgrave low water bridge and set out to clean the spruit. Despite the SA vs NZ rugby game later the morning, we were super happy with the 50 to 70 volunteers who came out on the day. Thank you for your support on the day!

Along our 2km stretch of river frontage, we managed to:

  • collect a massive number refuse bags filled with litter
  • cut away trees with branches hanging in the river
  • remove stripped cables (presumably from cable theft) from the river
  • … and having lots of fun doing it!

While we had our own super heroes organising our local Spruit Day initiative (Karen and Goran Söderholm, Morag and Roy Lewer – together with the BRCF cleanspruit crew), there were so many volunteers and organisations which got involved who we’d like to thank:

  • Matt and his band from Uber Exposure (amazing Brand/Marketing company) who organise the larger Spruit Day across Johannesburg – all in their spare time!
  • City Parks – Landiwe Mashige, Albert Themba and your team of EWPW assistants for your contribution of trees and the work undertaken by yourselves.  The trees are in safe-keeping presently awaiting the first rains.  Thank you Albert for taking away all the rubbish collected on Saturday.
  • City of Joburg– Marelda Bosterman & Busisiwe Ndlovo (for sorting out the sewerage, fire hydrant and the endless water leak at 4 Quorn Road).
  • Thanks also to our Ward Councillor Vincent Earp who always supports us and helped clean up on the day!
  • CAP for your extraordinary team for your all your ceaseless efforts in making our area a safer place to live in.
  • Danilo’s Restaurant & owner Bruce – for all your efforts in assisting (Water, vouchers, wooden poles, etc)
  • Jacksons & Tiger’s Milk for you support and vouchers you donated on the day
  • The Gardener Group – Matho Ngwenya, Tom Gondwe & Malani, Eric (George Talbot) & John (Pieter Watson), supported by our stars Roy, Peter, Patrick, Luca & Elvis (BRCF Clean Spruit Crew)
  • Sarah Koning from Caxton (Sandton Chronicle) for taking photos and including us in her article on Spruit Day
  • Various organisations and schools participating on the day – Sea Sheppard, Brescia House, Spark School Ferndale

And last but not least, our a special thank you to our community (including the family from East Hertford) who did the hotdog / boerewors stand! Without you this day would not have been possible. Thank you for giving up 2 hours of your Saturday to help make your suburb a better place!

All in all, a huge success! Join us next year for an even bigger cleanup!

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