Illegal Party Venues – What to do?

Over the years a few venues have come and gone in the greater suburb – usually at the frustration of neighbors due to the loud music being played on a weekly basis.

At the monthly CPF meetings, the following process was suggested to help report and hold the owners of these properties to account:

  1. Report noise disturbance / illegal use of property to JMPD Emergency centre and obtain reference number: +27 11 375 5911 – this is important as JMPD is legally responsible for the enforcement of bylaws. SAPS might respond out of courtesy, but they have no jurisdiction to enforce bylaws.
  2. If no response from JMPD after say an hour, escalate to our Sector 2 CPF chair – Rob Cumming 084 312 0310
  3. If the issue persists over a period, note down all reference numbers and escalate to our Ward Councillor Vincent Earp –


If you are unsure as what to do, the suburb whatsapp groups can also give some advice. If you ever feel unsafe or see something suspicious, do not hesitate to call CAP on 0861 227 227 (no matter whether you are a customer of theirs or not).

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