Monthly CPF Meeting – 5 Oct Key Points

5th Oct 2017 CPF Sector 2 Meeting

Matt Shelley represents the BRCF at the monthly CPF meetings. Here are some highlights of this month’s meeting and actions you can take.

  • Party House 46 Belgrave – Reported incidents last Sat and Sun and lack of response from JMPD. Acknowledged Councillor Earp’s support with this. Rob Cumming Sector 2 CPF Chair has asked residents to call him when the incidents take place so he can chase up the relevant authorities.  Rob Cumming 084 312 0310.
  • Displaced persons in the spruit – acknowledged support of CPF and JMPD for raids before and after Spruit Day. Vincent reiterated how we need to take back and adopt spaces on the whole Spruit to discourage permanent residence by displaced persons.
  • A Re Sebetseng – Vincent Earp asked us to support the Mayors monthly clean up initiative . Pick an area near your house and clean up rubbish rubble weeds etc.  I know we pay taxes but this kind of maintenance is proven to reduce crime and a decline into an ‘invite’ to commit crime in an area. Karen Söderholm (083 645 5225) is already managing a monthly gardener cleanup operation on the spruit, lets add to her efforts and improve our streets as well!
  • Another possible illegal venue operation reported in Green Street.
  • Councillor Earp reported on cell phone mast roll out in our area. He said council have no say in location. Look for notices on lamp posts – only address given for complaints is for cell companies. Vincent has promised to forward  contact details for Quinton Green FD of City Power who have the mandate to allow masts to be erected – and City Power get paid for it of course. Complaints should also go to him.
  • Again reports of crime highlight things you need to be aware of – please read CAP and CPF newsletters regarding sensible security habits such as protecting your boundaries, awareness of follow homes, educating staff about coercion and information fishing by strangers. Email Janet Sutherland on to receive CPF email.
  • CPF are holding their annual open day on 23rd October. They are also asking for involvement in fundraising – Golf day on 18th Oct and Gala dinner on 23rd Nov. Table of 10 only R1500 and companies can sponsor. Info from Janet on email above.


We were given a 6 step protocol for reporting complaints:

  1. Press your panic button and call 10111 – give precise details – name, location, and crime in progress – get a reference number (also call CAP or your security company of course)
  2. Contact Sector Vehicles (the security company will in most instances also call SAPS) – Sector 2   071 675 6095/ 6096
  3. The relief commander can be contacted on 082 371 650 if sector vehicle does not answer
  4. Call a station duty officer who is on call 24/7 on 082 304 9562 if relief commander does not answer
  5. For general enquiries for sector policing, general concerns or complaints can e communicated to relevant sector manager during office hours – Const. Lungi Mbatha 082 388 5997
  6. Contact the Vispol commander, detective commander and station commander only after the above procedures were done and no service or assistance was rendered


This is a good way for us to hold SAPS accountable for what they promise to deliver.

I have counted 9 cell phone numbers and emails in this post – there are a lot of options and avenues for you to act on and support our area THIS WEEK – no matter how small or large.


Matt Shelley

083 554 1883

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