November 2017 Update Meeting – Presentation and Notes

BRCF – Update Meeting
Whats have we been doing this year / planning for next year?

On 13 November 2017 we held an update meeting at Bryneven Primary School. Thanks to those who came out! While not and AGM and with everyone racing down to finish things before they go on leave in December, we still had a good turnout!

Below we’ve attached the presentation PDF. In addition to what was discussed we had a good Q&A session during and afterwords. Later on, we will also circulate minutes on the meeting.

Download the presentation: 2017 11 BRCF Update v.03

Highlights / things to look out for next year (See minutes here):

1. LPR camera roll out – Q1 2018
2. AGM – April 2018
3. Park upgrades and adoption from city parks
4. River adoption from city parks, more structured cutting / maintenance program

See you at our AGM in April!

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