Kicking off 2018 – Quick Update from BRCF Committee

Dear Residents,

Just a quick update from the BRCF volunteer committee to keep you posted on whats been happening since our last meeting in November, as well as what is planned ahead for the year. As usual this year has kicked off with a bang! (January is already almost on its back) – so will keep this post short:

1. Update – Death of Shady Lane resident

Post the initial communication of this tragic incident sent out on the whatsapp groups and the CAP email notification, the following can be made public given that this is an ongoing police investigation:

  • On the morning of 22 December at 1h30, CAP tactical officers noticed an open gate at 5 Shady Lane. As they are not an client they contacted ADT to send a vehicle so they could enter the premises with them. 
  • Officers searched the premises and found a deceased resident. The resident’s vehicle had also been stolen.
  • Earlier the day there was an attempted break in at the neighbouring property, but the suspect ran off after the alarm activated. CAP vehicles were unable to locate the individual. Neighbors noted that the victim was still alive after the break in and that all was normal at the property up to later that evening.
  • The stolen vehicle was recovered by SAPS, Lab results from evidence collected will hopefully provide further information pertaining to who the suspects were in this heinous incident.  
  • CAP has collected CCTV footage from a number of houses on the street and are actively supporting the detectives in the investigation. Flyers offering a R50 000 reward for information relating to the case have also been distributed by CAP at the location where the vehicle was recovered.
 As details emerge around the circumstances / how the crime was perpetrated and the reasons, this will be shared as permitted by the police.

2. Orange Jumpsuits on the River – The Big Cleanup Project Begins

This year we will be embarking on a massive rehabilitation project of the river. This will involved the cutting of grass, REMOVAL of weeds and various invasive plant species. The BRCF has appointed a contractor that has full approval from City Parks to perform the rehabilitation and maintenance of the riverine areas (including the riparian zones). We will provide more updates on this throughout the month, It is expected that work will commence over the next two weeks. Our full time dedicated crew will be wearing orange overalls with the BRCF letters to ensure they can be identified.

Note this project will span many years. The rehabilitation will likely take at least 12 months for the natural balance of plants to be partially restored. Please be patient and see how you can get involved or help support this massive initiative.

3. Licence Plate Recognition Cameras – First wave ordered

Since our last meeting, talks with Vumacam have continued. The process (as communicated before) has dragged on, but we can now confirm the first set of cameras have been ordered (3x Licence plate camera points). The next set will be ordered as soon as possible. Given approvals needed from the City / JRA we expect the cameras to be commissioned in March at the earliest. Will keep you posted on developments here!

We will be posting updates on all these, as well as our annual suburb meeting – usually scheduled for around April.

As always, if you are keen to help / support / join the volunteer committee, please email

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