Covid Lock Down Update: Suburb Initiative to support those in need

Over the lock down period, the BRCF has been approached by many organisations and residents to find ways to support those in need during this time. While “flattening the curve” is a necessary initiative in these unprecedented times, the poor and most vulnerable are left exposed by the economic and operational consequences of a lock down.

Rather than create new initiatives from scratch, the BRCF has partnered with a number of organisations to help the coordination of efforts and funds to those who need it most.

How can you help? There are 3 options (more details provided further on):

1. Give items needed and drop them off
2. Give money
3. Give time

The details:

1. Give items in need and drop them off:

For this initiative we have partnered with: the Angel Network, CAP and Jacksons Real Food market. See details of drop off location below.

Jackson’s are also distributing meals and care packs to the needy. Surplus or items specified will be collected by CAP to be distributed by the Angel Network.

2. Give Money

There are many amazing NGOs / Not-for-profit organisations that are established and are providing much needed support for those in need. The BRCF recommends donating directly to these organisations.

We recommend the following (to be updated):

FoodforwardSA – go on the website and click “Donate Now”

The Angel Network– go on the website and click “Donate Now”

Jackson’s Foundation: A little Realeaf

Should any organisation like to be added on to this list, please contact us.

3. Give Time

Should you feel strongly that you would like to contribute / coordinate further initiatives or get more hands on helping, please contact us.

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