BRCF Not For Profit

Who are we?


The Bryanston River club Community Forum started after the community voted for a sustainable and effective security solution for the suburb. The committee consists of volunteers who strive to enhance the security of the suburb, as well as coordinate various other community initiatives.

Our vision is create one of the most pristine and secure suburbs on the North of Johannesburg.

One of our strengths is the closeness of the community, facilitated through a well coordinated Suburb Whatsapp Group system (not part it? Click here!). After a broad public tender, a detailed assessment of options as well as a presentation at a well attended community meeting in August 2014, CAP was voted for by the community as the preferred security provider for the area. Since then CAP has made huge strides in security the community, vastly reducing the crime in the suburb.

Currently the region included in this initiative is shown below, however we are in talks with most of our neighboring communities given the success of this initiative.


Current Major Initiatives

While there are many ongoing initiatives, such as cleanup of the Spruit, maintaining the security arrangement with CAP, escalating by-law and municipal matters to local authorities, we also have a few main focus projects ongoing. SEE HERE FOR THE LATEST INITIATIVES


How is it funded?

Most residents pay a ‘public space donation’ to CAP. A portion of these funds (around 10%) is paid to the BRCF in order to funds it’s initiatives.

You can also make once-off contributions to our bank account, or securely and directly our website.

Want to be involved?

Please provide us your details if you would like to be part of the community!