As part of the BRCF’s activities,¬†we have a ‘Clean Spruit’ initiative. This initiative is led by a group of volunteers who ensure the section of river frontage in our suburb is maintained and beautified.

Clean Spruit’s activities include:

  • Cleaning of litter
  • Cutting of grass (via tractor) or arranging the removal of invasive reeds and other plant species
  • Participation in the annual Spruit Day initiatives
  • Maintenance and repair of bollards along the river front
  • Cleaning of illegal dumping along the Braamfontein Spruit

See press articles below on our involvement in the Spruit:


How is this funded? Partly through a portion of the public space donation residents pay towards our security solution with CAP. Some individuals support us via debit order, while others together with businesses sponsor once-off events.

How is this accomplished?

We have 1 full time staff member working the spruit on a daily basis. A team of volunteers arrange cleaning up of the spruit, the removal of rubble and alien vegetation, maintenance of the equipment (including the tractor). Yes – we have a tractor. Through donations and a raffle we were able to raise the funds to buy a tractor. This allows us to cut the grass along the river at a fraction of the cost of using a team of grass cutters (with mowers and brush cutters).


If you would like to contribute to this initiative, please donate funds to the following account:

Account Name: BRCF NPC Account
Branch Code: 261251
Cheque account no : 62554700073
Reference: Cleanspruit


If you would like to participate in these activities: