Road Closure Consent Form Upload

Dear Residents,

We are in the process of reapplying for the Suburb Road Closure (see summary of application) and require all residents’ urgent participation. We are seeking only to renew our existing enclosure which affords us a reduced security vehicle patrolling zone, as well as with the option of re-instating booms at a future point should we obtain sufficient funding to do so. Hence, no changes are proposed to the current road closure we have approval for.

We require more than 67% of the suburb to approve this – which means roughly 1100 signatures (assuming 3 signature per household). To approve YOU MUST SUBMIT A FORM.

1. Fill in the form (It can be DOWNLOADED HERE)
2. Please ensure that you complete the forms fully with address, name, surname as well as contact details (emails address or mobile phone numbers) as the council audits the forms.
3. Also ensure that every person living OR WORKING on your property, INCLUDING any domestic workers also INDIVIDUALLY sign the forms.
4. Once complete you can scan and upload below (scroll down). Alternatively you can drop off your form at the guard hut on the corner of Farm street and Quorn road. You can also email the form to

For complexes, each unit in the complex must complete their own form.
Deadline for submission is Tuesday 8 September 2020.

The enclosure reduces the number of entrances and exits to the suburb (especially at night) and makes it easier for the CAP vehicles to monitor the area.

Useful info:
How to sign a document when you don’t have a printer or scanner:

If you do not have Adobe – here is a free download:

Please provide your email address so that we can follow up if there are any issues with your form.

Form Upload

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