Current Major Initiatives

What’s happening next?

At our AGM in April 2016, residents requested whether there was a way to accelerate the work we are doing. Currently the Security initiative is working well, and membership of the BRCF and CAP is growing consistently. However, the rate of growth will mean we can only deploy our major security infrastructure over the next 2 to 3 years. A suggestion was made to raise funds from once-off or upfront donations. To facilitate this, we describe below our major focus areas over the immediate future. In this way,  residents can donate funds to specific areas which they would like to prioritize.

While there are many ongoing other initiatives, we would like to accelerate the following two through upfront donations:

  1. CCTV Roll-out for the suburb
  2. Bryanston Drive 316 Cleanup (SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED)


1. Suburb CCTV Camera Roll-out Plan

An important part of our Security Master Plan for the suburb is the deployment of a CCTV camera network. These cameras assist in the detection of vehicles and pedestrians into our suburb.

As the BRCF accumulates funds, the cameras will be rolled out in order to strategic importance. However, residents can accelerate the deployment of cameras in specific locations by donating funds specifically for those cameras. The current strategic points and their relative importance are shown below:

Priority 1 (RED): Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras

Over 90% of crime in our suburb is vehicular based crimes (including cable thefts, follow-homes, etc). These cameras are most strategic in terms of determining movement of vehicles in and out of the suburb. Approximate cost per camera point is R50 000 (includes installation, connectivity, licence plate recognition licence cost, etc).

Priority 2 (BLUE): Thermal Cameras (Long Distance, open space)

These cameras will monitor and alert CAP on the movement of pedestrians in and out of the suburb, specifically along the Spruit sections or where there is large open space areas. These are fairly expensive cameras, but with massive range and near-flawless ability to detect motion at night. Approximate cost per camera point is R80 000 (includes installation, connectivity, etc).

Priority 3: (YELLOW): Pedestrian Cameras

These cameras are much cheaper, but are only deployed where existing gates limit entry to a single space.  Approximate cost per camera point is R25 000 (includes installation, touch button, connectivity, etc).

See below for the locations:


How to contribute / Donate?

  1. Determine which camera type you would like to donate for. e.g. LPR (Red)
  2. Determine which specific one you want to fund (based on street name): e.g. Belgrave Street
  3. Go to the donation page and make sure your reference shows the above options: e.g. “LPR Belgrave Street”

If you generally just want to accelerate the deployment of cameras, you can also use “Cameras” as your reference, or just “Thermal” to donate for the installation of all Thermal cameras.

Donation References:

Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras – Reference “LPR”

Thermal Cameras (Long Distance, open space) – Reference “Thermal”

Pedestrian Cameras – Reference “Pedestrian”

Want to support this and accelerate implementation? 





2. Bryanston Drive 316 – Clean-up of Property and Removal of Bridge (COMPLETED!)


Both 316 Bryanston Drive and the bridge are currently used illegally by over 40 displaced persons. All our efforts over the last 12 months to evict the illegal occupiers so far have been unsuccessful and have resulted in their return.

We need to do something different.


  • Legal action: Because the land is privately owned, suburb volunteers have had to pursue the owner using legal representation
  • CAP, Metro, JMPD, Home Affairs, BRCF Special Operations: CAP and the BRCF Project Volunteers have carefully co-ordinated all parties needed to legally secure the property
  • Build perimeter wall: Volunteers will erect a secure perimeter wall to discourage the displaced persons from returning
  • Bridge removal: Safely and correct dismantle and disposal of the bridge
  • Additional patrols: CAP special unit patrols for a period to ensure people do not return (we will not use our regular patrol vehicles)

How much? 

The total project will cost around R190,000.

Our neighbours on East River Road have already sourced funds of R140,000 but we need an additional R50,000 to successfully secure the property and safely remove the bridge.